Testosterone - Total

Testosterone is a male sex hormone (Antrogen). It’s found in the blood of both men & women. This test measures the testosterone level in men &women. This test is used to detect the cause of erectile dysfunction, and infertility (PCOS- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).
Test Code: 624
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Testosterone - Total:

Why Testosterone - Total Test?


Testosterone is a sex hormone that exists in both genders, but predominantly in males (testis and adrenals) and is also present in minute quantities in females (secreted by the adrenals and by the ovaries). In males, testosterone is secreted by the Leydig cells present in the testicles and also by the adrenal glands. Testosterone in males helps in the secondary sexual features/characteristic features in males. Testosterone in males helps to boost sex drive and spermatogenesis. Low levels of testosterone in men may lead to hypogonadism – loss of sex drive, low energy, loss of bone density, erectile dysfunction, infertility etc and moreover is found to be associated with conditions like anaemia, and depression, loss of muscle mass etc. The levels of testosterone are regulated by the hormone known as the luteinizing hormone. In the blood, testosterone is present in bound and free form. One-third of the testosterone is bound to albumin, and two-thirds of the testosterone is bound to the globulin as sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), whereas the rest circulates in the free form. Biologically active – Bioavailable testosterone is also called free testosterone. Free testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone are also referred to as bioavailable testosterone. A testosterone test is performed to check abnormalities in testes, ovaries, adrenal glands, pituitary, use of steroids etc. Free testosterone test detects the blood levels of testosterone in free form. This test helps to detect abnormal levels of testosterone to diagnose the cause of infertility (eg. Erectile dysfunction- In males), the cause of early or late puberty in females and also to detect the cause of PCOs and hirsutism (i.evirilization in females – male-like features), voice changes, enlarged clitoris and/or loss or irregular periods (in women) etc. The total testosterone test is a measurement of both free and bound form (to albumin and/or SHBG) of testosterone in the body. Clinical manifestations of high testosterone are infertility, lack of menstruation in women, acne, obesity, altered blood glucose levels, and extra hair growth on face especially. Low testosterone in men can lead to low sex drive, trouble getting an erection, low sperm count, changes in testicles, weak bones, irritability, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, depression, fatigue, anaemia, etc. Manifestations of low testosterone in women include fertility problems, irregular menstrual periods, osteoporosis, low sex drive, change in breast tissue, vaginal dryness etc. Additional tests include free testosterone, prolactin, LH, FSH, dehydroepiandrosterone, estradiol, TSH etc. Other tests apart from hormones include semen (sperm) analysis, testicular biopsy, MRI of the pituitary gland etc. 

General Instructions:

Sample RequirementSpecimen - Blood sample collected from the vein. Test Preparation: None.

NOTE - Sample for specimen collections may vary based on the patient’s condition/cases according to the patient’s presenting complaints/signs or symptoms:

SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT (Special or Rare Cases) - As instructed and guided by Physician / Clinician / Pathologist / as per Laboratory’s requirements, according to procedures and protocols.

Sample Requirement: Blood Sample taken from the vein

Test Preparation: None

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