Chikungunya - IgM (Elisa)

Chikungunya is a viral disease caused by an infected mosquito (vector). This test detects the Chikungunya antibodies IgM in the blood which is associated with Chikungunya fever. It helps to find if the person was affected earlier in the recent past by this virus.
Test Code: 1831
₹ 1,000.00

Chikungunya IgM:

Why Chikungunya IgM Test ?


Chikungunya (ChikV) is a viral (single-stranded RNA alphavirus, a member of Togaviridae) disease transmitted by Aedes aegyptimosquitoes (vectors) that have a high prevalence of the disease – Endemic areas. Chikungunya IgM test helps to detect recent viral infection (within 3 days of infection). This test is followed-up by repeat testing in 5 to 10 days to demonstrate anti-Chikungunya virus IgG (sero-conversion). This test is ordered by the physician (after history taking with very important information like patient’s travel history from endemic areas) and also with clinical manifestations of malaria (chills, joint pain, joint swelling muscle pain, etc) along with CBC results with low platelet count. Complications unlike dengue do not result in deaths (due to life-threatening drops in levels of blood platelets). Other tests include combo rapid test such as lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of IgM – anti- Chikungunya virus (CHIK) in serum/plasma or whole blood, Chikungunya viral DNA test (RT-PCR), histopathological studies including preparation of blood smears (thin and thick blood smears) to observe under microscopy.

General Instructions:

Sample Requirement: Specimen - Blood sample collected from the vein. Test Preparation: None.

NOTE - Sample for specimen collections may vary based on the patient’s condition/cases according to the patient’s presenting complaints/signs or symptoms:

SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT (Special or Rare Cases) - As instructed and guided by Physician / Clinician / Pathologist / as per Laboratory’s requirements, according to procedures and protocols.

Sample Requirement: Blood Sample taken from the vein

Test Preparation: None

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