CD - 30 - IHC Marker

CD-30 Antibody is associated with Embryonal Carcinomas, Malignant Melanomas, and Mesenchymal Tumors. CD-30 IHC (Immuno-Histo-Chemistry) Marker helps to diagnose Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Test Code: 797
₹ 2,500.00



Why CD30 IHC Marker Test?

CD 30 is also known as CD30L receptor, Ber-H2, Ki-1, D1S166E, Lymphocyte activation antigen 30, Member 8, cytokine receptor CD 30, CD 30 antigen. CD 30 is a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF-R) superfamily (especially receptor superfamily member 8 -TNFRSF8 orTNFR8 and CD 30 – both are cell surface glycoproteins and their receptor families are recognized by cysteine-rich extracellular domains). Expression of CD 30 can also be seen in embryonal carcinomas, malignant melanomas, mesenchymal tumors, activated T and B lymphocytes (they are not found on resting native lymphocytes), plasma cells, memory cells, and also on a few other normal cells (Its the restricted expression on normal cells makes it an attractive candidate for targeted therapy). Its signaling activates NF-ᴋB transcription factor, resulting in pleiotropic regulation of gene function.  Reed-Sternberg cells of classic Hodgkin lymphoma as well as the neoplastic cells of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, express CD 30. Hence CD30 IHC Marker Test helps as the characteristic marker of the classical Hodgkin lymphoma, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, immunoblastic B cell, embryonic carcinoma, and also is expressed on a subset of aggressive T and B cell neoplasms. 

General Instructions:

Sample Requirement: Specimen - Blood sample collected from the vein. Test Preparation: None.

NOTE - Sample for specimen collections may vary based on the patient’s condition/cases according to the patient’s presenting complaints/signs or symptoms:

SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT (Special or Rare Cases) - As instructed and guided by Physician / Clinician / Pathologist / as per Laboratory’s requirements, according to procedures and protocols.

Sample Requirement: Blood Sample taken from the vein

Test Preparation: None

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