Bone Marrow Aspiration

Bone Marrow is the spongy tissue inside of the Bones. It produces white blood cells, Red blood cells, and Platelets. Bone marrow aspiration is the process of getting the fluid from the Bone marrow tissues to examine the health condition of the bone marrow and white blood cells and red blood cells production. This is the main test involving cancer treatment.
Test Code: 767
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Bone marrow – Aspiration:

Why Bone Marrow - Aspiration test?


Bone Marrow Aspiration test is an invasive procedure that involves bone marrow biopsy for specimen collection of the bone marrow within the bone for conformational studies. Cases like bone marrow diseases – myelofibrosis, myelodysplastic syndrome, chronic anemia, leukopenia, polycythemia vera, cancers of the bone marrow, lymphomas, hemochromatosis, tuberculosis, amyloidosis, Gaucher’s disease, determine the stage or progression of the disease, prognosis, investigate fever of unknown origin, etc, needs specimen for conformational studies.  Certain specific locations of the bones are usually preferred for the study such as pelvis, sternum, ribs, etc are chosen for bone marrow biopsy aspiration. Needles of different gauge sizes are used for different bones. Generally, the patient will be sedative medication and be given local anesthesia to numb the area where aspiration will be performed. Typically at the top of the ridge of the rear of the hip bone is chosen (posterior iliac crest) or the chest bone (in children) can be preferred as well. A hollow needle will be inserted through the skin into the bone and the bone marrow specimen shall be drawn and will be sent to the laboratory for conformational studies.    

General instructions:

Sample Requirement: Specimen –Fluid sample collected from the bone marrow. Test Preparation: As suggested by the Doctor.

NOTE - Sample for specimen collections may vary based on the patient’s condition/cases according to the patient’s presenting complaints/signs or symptoms:

SPECIMEN REQUIREMENT (Special or Rare Cases) - As instructed and guided by Physician / Clinician / Pathologist / as per Laboratory’s requirements, according to procedures and protocols.

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